And now what?

Nico Caicoya directs this spot telling the Roca brand's history of challenges and improvement.


Agency: Tiempo BBDO
Client: Roca
Director: Nico Caicoya

Account director: Bibiana del Alcázar
Account supervisor: Lara Balcells
Account executive: Malwine Steinbock
Gneral creative director: Siscu Molina
Creative: Jordi Comas
Copy: Siscu Molina
Art direction: Jordi Comas
Agency producer: Rosa Mª Díaz

Production company: Agosto
Producer: Toni Moreno
Postproduction: Agosto
Posproduction supervisor: Sergi Roda
Sound: BSO


Anthony Plowright said…
And now what?
Hello. No better, no worse than many other spots handling the same concern.
andreas said…
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