The Romanian Postal Service - The Kid

Fast money transfer. And a bit more.

Agency: Tempo


Anthony Plowright said…
The Romanian Postal Service - The Kid

Hello. Good job . Would almost make you forget that Roumania, still applies bad treatment to children, (and here I am remaining polite and politaccaly correct), only to mention the last ... Nevertheless it's a good start.
Guillaume said…
Fantastic commercial! Quite different of the post offices I saw in Bucarest this summer, I hope all the people at the desk were like her!
axelk said…
I really don't know where you get your information but they are partially wrong just as wrong as it is your spelling of the word "Romania". Romanian advertising hasn't just started. It has gotten awards and international acknowledgment. A bit of research didn't hurt anyone.
Zu said…
Anthony: Your ignorance is disguting.