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Advertised brand:
Advert title: "Post-Box Waterfall"
Headline and copy text: Visit Niagara Falls.
Advertising Agency: KNARF New York, USA
Agency website:
Creative Director: Frank Anselmo
Art Directors/Copywriters: Jane Lee, Sue Won Chang, Frank Anselmo
Chief Creative Officer: Frank Anselmo
Short rationale: The curved shape of post-boxes were utilized as media space for the Niagara Falls tourism posters-creating the illusion of the famous waterfall.


Joseph Roberts said…
This idea is amazing. What a perfect medium and execution. Best thing I've seen in a very long time. Great.
KNARF is a fraud. It doesn't exist. Frank Anselmo is a FRAUD. He submits student work under the false pretense that his "agency" did it. Then he collects credit as a "creative director". He's a fraud and everything he has done or submitted has been a lie. BAN FRANK ANSELMO FROM ANY AND ALL ADVERTISING COMPETITIONS.