Fix your past

Directed by Hugo Menduiña (agosto), this advert for Pond's breaks away from the classic treatment of beauty products. Instead of the usually shallow approach, the film shows intensity and holded emotions thru its dense atmosphere and classy acting.

Few words are spoken, but each gesture tells everything about the present and the past of the main characters. When directing is well done, definitely less is more.


Title: Fix your past
Client: Pond's
Director: Hugo Menduiña
Agency: Bassat Ogilvy
Executive Creative Director: Álvar Suñol
Creative Director: Emiliano González, Director Creativo
Account Director: Paula Vizcaino
Account Executive: Isabel Miras
Audivisual Director: Ramón Corominas
Agency Producer: Cheli Pascual de Zulueta

Production Company: Agosto
Executive Producer: Rafa Montilla
Producer: Víctor Mata
DoP: Paco Femenía
Edition: Alejandro Delgado Peru
Postproduction Supervisor: Sergi Roda
Postproduction: Infinia


[...] Ponds- Fix Your Past Oh, snap! This commercial for Ponds definitely got my attention. I may not be at the age where I obsessively purchase night creams and firming gels(its actually my 25th birthday today) but I sure did pay attention to this video. The actors really played the emotion exceptionally well and the nontraditional approach to advertising for beauty products really payed off. Maybe the cosmetics industry should take a hint from these guys and stop playing the “shallow” card. BRAVO! You can see the credits here. [...]
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