Oxfam - YouTube Cannes Young Lions Ad Contest #2


We select and publish ads for the contest as we receive them. Featuring today as part of the YouTube Cannes Young Lions Ad Contest :

made for Oxfam GB by demo.creatia.ro

// Update 20/05/2009 @ 23.23 // Just Received by Samuel Bergen:

and this one is by Katrina Encanto


Jackie said…
I like the message behind the 3rd one, but the 1st one is my favorite all around. The style is very captivating and grabs your attention, but isn't too hard to follow. The 2nd one, I like the animated text and the creativity of the collage type words and letters, but not sure about how well they mesh together. Great job all around though!
Becky Rivers said…
The third one is my fave. It delivers the message in a strong way. And I like the surprise in the end.
Carlos said…
I also like this one, take a look and scream

Mr E said…
Ideawise, I'm with the third! Go Obama!
Reingehogramm said…
check this out: