Dell Computers: Treats (Lollipop)


Client: Dell
Agency: Mother New York
Production Company: unknown
Director(s): Traktor
Creatives: Tim Maurice-Jones (DoP)
The Mill (Post production)
Linus Karlsson & Paul Malmstrom (Creative Director)
Mat Driscoll (Art Director)
Greg Hunter (Copywriter)
Avi Oron (Editor)
Emma Starzacher (Agency Producer)
Country: United States of America


Steve Phelan said…
Who is singing? They're great!
axelk said…
It's the chordettes beautiful song, yes. happy times
Ezra said…
I know who the song is covering, but I want this version full! It's so good! I have always loved dells, and I really want the full version of this song!
Katherine Jolly said…
I agree with Ezra. I would love to know the artists and see if they have the full song. The vocals are amazing and really lend themselves well to the song. I wonder if Dell would answer an email asking about who the artist is....?
DAve wow good song said…
everyopne call dell see if that will make them do the song in full ;) it would be great i love this song
Soapbox said…
I agree with Ezra! I want this cover in full! If that 'You are 16 going on 17' cover can get a full download, why can't a song with some decent vocals?
Travis Green said…
i agree with you guys this song is bad ass but it just pisses me off when people keep saying its the chordettes their version was just anowing and gay theses guys are just awsome i hope they make it full
Ezra said…
Has anyone found it yet? I have searched all over with no results...
Keagan said…
Please post the artist performing THIS VERSON of the song, I've been looking everywhere for it, but all i get are dead ends.
Phil Colinsworth said…
The full song should be put on iTunes, sung by the people who are singing in the commercial. They are really good and im sure people would buy it if they could.
Crystal said…
I, too, really like this commercial, so I'm going to put down everything I know about it.

Excellent quality commercial:

Full version (but scratchy):

Behind the scenes for making the commercial:

A page that claims to have links to download the song (but I can't find it):

The commercial posted by the lead singer, "L" Debois:
Daniel said…
Check the MP3 link right below the video player on the bottom right. It has the song there!