Eye - FFTV

The TV Fiction Festival of La Rochelle comes up this year with this brand new spot created by lestroiscousins, Paris. Showing a stunning choreography of an eye, this spot took more than an entire week to get the right eye movement in the right time. At the end the tagline "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" reminds us that there's nothing more beautiful than the emotion they give to the audience.

Agency:lestroiscousins, Paris
Production Company: djams productions
Director(s): Sam & Jo Dubruque
Jo Dubruque (Creative Director)
Sam Dubruque / Jo Dubruque (Art Director)
Sam Dubruque / Jo Dubruque (Copywriter)


Ann patrick said…
My name is ann, 14 yrs old.
I thought that your eye add was very clever but mabye a bit long and i personaly got a bit bored of watching it for that long. If yu shortened it then the person watching it might not flick to another add before it finishes. If you said what her eye was prevaying when she was looking around it would be much clearer to the viewer what you are trying to say. thanks (= (= (= (= (= (= (=