The Horse and Hound Boutique

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Advertised brand: The Horse and Hound Boutique.
Meatball sceneted dog-sized outdoor media

Advertising Agency: Ruth Advertising, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Anders Granberg, Jenny Berg
Copywriter: Anders Granberg, Jenny Berg
Account executive: Hanna Jönsson
Maneging director: Johanna Jernbäck
Photographer: Erika Lidén, Linda Åkerman
Typographer: Anders Nilsson
Published: 01-09
Description: How do you reach dog owners? Through their dogs. How do you reach dogs? Through their nose. Dog-sized outdoor boards was produced. Each one was prepared with meatballs and then placed next to the boutique.

Short rationale: We know what dogs like.


aquimike said…
Clever. The creative knows about dogs.
Anthony Plowright said…
The Horse and Hound Boutique

Hello. Idea and campaign pretty interesting.

But now I ask myself > why to I respond to your "Adverbox" requests as I never get back anything in return. So is life : you give / you get ....