UNICEF, MTV EXIT and The Killers: Goodnight, Travel Well

Featuring the rock band The Killers, the video is an exclusive collaboration between UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and the US Agency for International Development.
The track, Goodnight, Travel Well, is from the album Day & Age. The video is the second in a series of music video collaborations that highlight the danger and impact of human trafficking.

The series launched last year with an award-winning film - produced by MTV EXIT that featured the Radiohead single All I Need.



Anthony Plowright said…
Admirable !

Mike Ruiz said…
Boring! Looks like if they didn't have enough film material to fill the song length.
Plowright Anthony said…
Hello to All,
Mike, the guy who replied to this video on 17/08/2009, must be a very cynical person, to have made such comments.
Mind you he just might be a "pimp" himself !
People can be so nasty, and shame on those whom no longer have a heart. This clip is excellent, and means exactly what it's targetting ! Invite Mike to donate, that way we will have some money to buy morte film ...