Ché Men's Magazine 10th anniversary - Babysitter

For the 10th anniversary of Ché, a monthly Belgian magazine for men, Duval Guillaume created a mini-site and a new tv-ad. Usually we blow out candles to celebrate but here they offered their readers a birthday blowjob.

Client: Ché
Contact: Kathleen Colpin, Rik Vera, Wouter Delva
Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp
Account: Dimitri Mundorff
CD: Geoffrey Hantson
Copy: Dieter De Ridder
AD: Ad Van Ongeval, Jeroen Govaert
Production: Marc van Buggenhout
Graphic Designer: Niki Desiron, Michael De Boevé, Jesse Vanden Broeck
Director: Kurt Stallaert
Photographer: Kurt Stallaert
Website: Lansen Walraet (CD Interactive), Stijn Janssens (programming)
Media: Online