Rock Star

Rock Star, directed by Pep Bosch for the SCPF agency, tells the story of a singer that suddenly decides to make a radical change in his life.
The spot starts with a documentary approach that serves the director to narrate the former life of a fictional character called "Eddy Jota", the lead singer of the band Hammer Sound. After that introduction, the plot makes a twist to comedy to show how he has traded his former crazy life of a rock star for the newly discovered calm and tranquillity of his home.

Title: Rock Star
Client: Vodafone
Director: Pep Bosch
Agency: S.C.P.F
Creative team: Joel dalmau, Isa Sánchez
Agency producer:Eva Blasco
Production company: agosto
Producer: Anahí Puig
Posproduction supervisor: Daniela Borges
Posproduction: Infinia