adidas - Danger Makes Legend

Fast Fuels Danger. Danger Makes Legend.
New online territorial game for adidas digs up old rivalries and pits UEFA Champion's League cities against each other in a showdown of 'Fast'.

DANGER MAKES LEGEND is a map-based game, played online through social networks, that puts your 'fast' skills to the test. Players have the choice of twelve European Champion's League cities, including London, Madrid, Milan and Barcelona to start building their legend.

DANGER MAKES LEGEND is launched by a live action teaser film under the same name, that goes online as a rallying cry to kick off the game. The film shows two players in an urban environment challenging each other over territory in order to be crowned a legend. The game and campaign has been created by 180 Amsterdam and the film is directed by Knucklehead's Christopher Hewitt.

The idea of the game is to lay down a territorial challenge to other players online, by selecting your favourite football moves. The game merges video game with real life experience as real territory is conquered through a map-system similar to Google Maps. For example, a Barcelona fan could 'win' the Chelsea pitch and vice versa.

Players join the game to challenge each other in one-on-one combat to prove who has the 'fast' skills needed to rule each city. The offensive player selects three offensive moves and the defender responds with three defensive moves. All moves are played out in video. Whoever wins, claims the other player's territory.

As each player gets to conquer new territory, they get recognized for their 'fast' and danger in each city. The aim of the game is to reach 50 territories in order to challenge the city's legend; for instance in Barcelona you can play against Lionel Messi, taking the fast skill duel to a higher level.

The game hooks into Facebook connect and allows you to challenge your friends – and foes - online. Your progress is charted and your trophies and badges won are displayed through the social feed and user wall on Facebook, spreading the game out online to recruit new players.


Title: Danger Makes Legend
first release date: 22 October 2010
Client: adidas International

Mikael Karlsson: Digital Brand Marketing, Football
Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Alan Moseley
Art Director: Edgard Guimaraes, Ed Ryder
Copywriter: Kako Méndez, Bryan Stewart, Betsy Decker
Digital Designer: Matthew Steenburg
Director of digital production: Peter Bassett
Digital Producer: Colin Pueschner
Content Producer: Joe Togneri
User Experience Director: Jonathan Conaty
Account Director: Feliciano Robayna
Planner: Daniel Prestes
Project Manager: Alison Haly
Business Affairs Manager: Kindra Shoemaker
Art Buying: Maria Perez
Editor: Julien Maingois, Rockland Bazemore

Production Company: Knucklehead
Director: Christopher Hewitt
Producer: Darren Touhy
D.O.P: Ross McLennan
Sounds studio: Wave Amsterdam/ Alex Nicholls Lee
Music Composer: Ben Lukas Boysen
Sound Design:Alex Nicholls Lee, Wave Amsterdam
Post Production: Finish Post, The Mill

On-Line: Finish Post
Nuke & Photoshop: Paul Wright
Nuke: Tom Whitehead
Flame: Judy Roberts
Telecine: The Mill
Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Telecine Producer: David J. Phillips

Digital Production Company: Lightmaker

Digital Production Company:Lightmaker
Project Owner: Pascal Haakmat
Developer: Dmitry Reshetov
Technical Designer: Vanity Stuurland


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