Orange - Weareproducteurs Case Study

From telecommunications to film industry... This is the strategic turn operated by Orange, leader in telecommunications but not yet recognized as an important actor in the film industry.
Establishing firmly the legitimacy of Orange in this sector is key for the company’s future (production, channels).

Blue Advertainment, a branded content agency, dealt with this by bringing a revolution to the film industry.
Orange and its millions of web users and network expertise, in partnership with EuropaCorp, the most important studios in Europe founded by Luc Besson, launched

The web platform, powered by The Grand Union, offers the opportunity to take part in an original cinema adventure and to get involved in all the stages of film production, from its conception to its big-screen release:

• Members are invited to express their artistic point of view by voting on key points, from the choice of the synopsis (the thriller “À l’aveugle” won among 5 propositions) to the development of the screenplay, directing options, casting choices and the soundtrack.

• EuropaCorp also allows them to contribute financially and receive their share from all the film's proceeds.

A "college of experts", with directors, actors, screenwriters, first assistants, … guide web users, comment on the project's development and share their passion for cinema… Members are able to interact with leading figures of French film industry, such as Richard Berry, Eric Lartigau...
Through this project, EuropaCorp and Orange offer cinema lovers an opportunity to go backstage to discover how to produce a film, their film!

First results : 10,000 members in 3 months with no media spent, except for a press conference which triggered about 3 million contacts, thousands of blogs, facebook fans and twitter followers who conveyed Orange content. A coming partnership with France Television will definitely increase media exposure.