Wich student does not want to show their work and, at the same time, fight for a place at a big agency? Battlefolio is the ultimate testing ground for young advertising talents. It is an online platform in which creatives put their work against each other´s for a shot in a place at a major advertising agency.

The project spread troughout the web and media channels specialized in advertising, raising lots of awareness for the Miami ad School brand and more than 255000 pageviews on the website. 13000 students participated from 23 brazilian states and five different countries.

Miami Ad School gave students a democratic opportunity to show their work to the market while creating a connection with its audience by doing what they do best: placing students inside agencies.


Client: Miami Ad School | ESPM
Client Contact Name: Paulo Andre Bione
Agency, City: Ogilvy Brasil / Sao Paulo
Executive Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Creatives: Eduardo Marques, Douglas Kozonoe, Pedro Fernandes, Bernardo Correa, Marcelo Bruzzesi
Account: Marcela Caruso
Programmers: Farley Milano, Juliana Lima, Emerson Silva
Editor/Motion Design: Rubens Angelo
Production Company, City: Junk, Sao Paulo
Music title & Artist: Junk, Sao Paulo
Voice Over: Zachary Lee
Launch date: Nov. 2010