Popcorn Sofa

A bag of microwave popcorn that turns into a tiny sofa when it pops, surprising the consumer and telling him about the sale.
The best way to watch TV is seated on a comfortable sofa, eating a bag of popcorn, and we turned it into a great opportunity to grab the consumer's attention.
The bag was sent by mail and hand out inside the stores where people could use microwaves to prepare the popcorn for themselves. The surprise, added to a great discount (30% off), generated immediate sales. Even nowadays new clients arrive at the stores asking for the Popcorn Sofa.

Executive Creative Director Anselmo Ramos
Creative Director Eduardo Marques
Copywriter Hugo Veiga / Eduardo Marques
Art Director Bruno Ribeiro / Diego Machado / Pedro Izique
Producer: Antonio Carlos (Vô)
Illustrator: Diego Machado
Account General Director: Daniela Paris
Account Director: Alessandro Viçoso / Roberta Meschiatti
Account Manager: Daiane Bernardes
Planner Daniela Bombonato
Other Credits: Producer: Antonio Carlos (Vô)