#1 in Europe

MacLaren McCann pushed the boundaries of advertising. They took a risk, creating an unconventional campaign that included no talk of price, quality, or product. They broke the rules, unleashing some controversial creative writing and a block of tight-set typography that made it almost hard to read.

But what came out of it was an ad so cheeky, that it would take some effort to peel your eyes off of it once you’ve started to read. From only a single run-on sentence, a couple fragments, and a dash of tastefully arrogant sarcasm, we learn that Fotolia is Europe’s number one stock photography company, and proud of it. MacLaren McCann played to both American and European stereotypes -- and challenged them -- to create eight short narratives that encourage people to take the trendy route and join Fotolia's Europeanized, uber-cool list of users.

The risk was taken, and the payoff was huge. MacLaren and McCann had their exceptional work recognized by an audience of advertisers when they won the Silver Pencil award from One Show Design. Alongside them were companies with other fantastic ad campaigns such as Ikea, Nike and BMW.

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann Calgary
Art/Creative Director: Mike Meadus
Typography: Mike Meadus
Copywriter: Nicolle Pittman