Message In The Chocolate

Chocolate is helping you to say what it is hard to put into words.

Your message will be coded by different ingredients with a Code Machine. Once you confirmed your message, your ChocoMe is automatically ordered and sent to the given address hiding your coded and secret message.

Those who receive the chocolate can decode the messages using the reverse function of the original Machine: the Decoding Machine. Different ingredients reveal the secret message.

Advertised brand: ChocoMe
Advert title: Message in the chocolate
Advertising Agency: Grey, Budapest, Hungary
Art Director: István Béne, Fernando Freitas
Copywriter: Gabor Spielmann
Creative Director: Gabor Spielmann




Firstly I want to say what an amazing blog this is, I use it all the time and post links directing people here to all the YCC's followers.

Also if you don't mind I would like to introduce people to the Young Creative Council, a non profit organisation that aims to help people get into the advertising industry.

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