Talk to the Bird

The creative agency KKLD*, based in Berlin and New York City, has launched a unique advertising campaign for Gigaset with a real speaking parrot on Facebook. The star of the campaign is a blue-and-yellow Macaw that chats live about the new Gigaset L410 handsfree clip with callers from the Internet. He’s quite a bird: sometimes charming, sometimes cheeky.

This eloquent actor is also to be seen in three teaser spots, which can be viewed on Youtube ( Also, fans of the Macaw have the unique possibility to talk live to the bird on Facebook (

30 seconds of speaking time are available for each user. The bird speaks English, answers “Hello” (of course) with “Hello” and has a weakness for “peanuts” and “biscuits”. Users may also be surprised by what else he can say or what he thinks aloud.

Check out the app at and the clips at YouTube: