Wonderful Motion

Wonderful Machine is a boutique web portal dedicated to connecting the world's most talented photographers with the industry's most discerning clients.

As of late, there’s been an undeniable trend of commercial photographers, well-versed in the art of the still image, moving into the realm of motion. Wonderful Machine is thrilled about their growing roster of motion photographers in the USA and internationally, and are doing everything they can to make sure they're at the top of our game for them.

The original concept for this stop motion piece was a sort of “kill two birds with one stone” scenario: we wanted a project that would introduce some of Wonderful Machine's animation capabilities and familiarity with the world of motion, and at the same time highlight the increasingly popular portfolio editing skills of their director of photography, Sean Stone. We came up with a playful stop motion piece highlighting Sean Stone’s edit of a photographer's portfolio.

Animation: Paul Stanek
Photography: Paul Stanek
Starring: Sean Stone
Music: Annachristie Sadler
Music Editing: Paul Stanek