WWF UK - Save the Cerrado

th1ng, an award winning mixed media and animation company, has produced a hand shadow film for the WWF-UK “Save the Cerrado” campaign.

The “Save the Cerrado” campaign raises awareness of the devastating effects of commercial agriculture in the Brazilian savannah, Cerrado, and urges consumers to take action to save it.

Hendry, who was chosen the ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ at the Creative Circle Awards 2010, directed the film working together with Argentinean shadow artist El Mago Serpico. The film was commissioned by creative agency, Neo, who designed the concept.

The film is an animation which uses live action performance techniques to narrate its story. It shows the diverse world of Cerrado recreated through carefully hand-shadowed shapes featuring the land’s architecture, plants and its unique animals. The hand shadows are imbued with personality to embody the natural world of Cerrado and are complemented by the use of light effects, music and voiceover.

Kirk Hendry, director, said: “In researching this project and discovering the rich and precious variation of life in the Cerrado, and then working with the hand magician to create these 'living animals' with nothing but his two hands, has been a very memorable experience. One that we hope will make people feel a connection with these majestic creatures the way we did”.

The original use of hand shadowing applied in the film has only been attempted on few occasions. This prompted WWF-UK and the th1ng team to create a short video about the making of the project. The video features interviews with the filmmakers, the hand magician and music composer and gives an insight into the complexity and unusual nature of creating the unique “Save the Cerrado” film.

Making of Video:


Project name: WWF-UK - 'Save the Cerrado'
Length: 60 sec
Client: WWF -UK
Creative agency: Neo
Production company: th1ng
Director: Kirk Hendry
Hand Artist: El Mago Serpico
Voiceover: Isabella Vitali
Post-production: th1ng
Exposure: online
Producer: Lydia Russell
Music: Janine Forrester