Simply Inspired

In a new ad campaign for Freschetta, a woman goes on an Alice-in-Wonderland-like journey in search of a better pizza. The campaign, conceived by St. Louis agency Cannonball, was produced by hybrid production studio Vitamin, which worked with its affiliate, Filmworkers, to provide a unique one-stop solution for the campaign that took it from the drawing board to the screen.
The winning concept features a woman shopping for pizza in a supermarket packed with bland frozen pizzas. She falls through a trap door into a Wonka-like world filled with overgrown fruits and vegetables showcasing all of the fresh ingredients used in each of Freschetta’s Simply Inspired pizzas.
Creative Director Danny DelPurgatorio led the Vitamin team who worked with creatives from Cannonball in designing the alternate worlds of the supermarket and the Freschetta fantasy land. “The supermarket looks like a typical grocery store, except that everything is ultra-bland and stale,” explains DelPurgatorio.“That is contrasted by the fantasy world that is bright, lush, grand, brimming with color and sunshine.”

Title: Simply Inspired
Client: Freschetta
Agency: Cannonball, St. Louis.
Garry Gassel, Producer;
Brian Fauss, Associate Creative Director;
Brad Gutting, Art Director;
Monica Vansaghi, Art Director.
Production: Vitamin, Chicago. Filmworkers, Chicago.
Danny DelPurgatorio, Creative Director;
Paul Schneider , Live Action Director;
Tom Lazarevich, Director of Photography;
Marsie Wallach, Line Producer;
Alison Becker, Production Coordinator;
Joe Bristol, Production Designer;
Rob Churchill and Linas Jodwalis, VFX Supervisors;
Rob Foster, Still Photography;
Tony Legato and Dave Pasciuto, Matte Painters;
Rob Churchill, Rick Thompson, Matt Beharry, Tony Legato, Dave Pasciuto and Frank Donnangelo, Designers;
Linas Jodwalis, Charlie Peterson, Morgan James, Chris Green, Brian Bullock and Evaldas Cesnavicius, 3D Artists;
Rob Churchill, Editorial;
Rob Churchill, Rick Thompson and Andy Davis, Flame Compositors;
Matt Beharry and Rob Foster, After Effects Compositors;
Justin Winkler and Steven Kocian, Flame Assistants; Michael Mazur, Colorist;
James Cadenas, Assistant Colorist;
Lisa Long, Executive Producer/Filmworkers;
Larissa Shames, Senior Producer/Vitamin;
Derek de Board, Producer/Filmworkers;
Nina Yoo, Associate, Producer/Vitamin.
Music : Another Country