Champion - Life Worn Well

Madheart director Jan Gleie explores the joy of sport, as experienced by ordinary people, in a heartfelt new campaign for Target and Minneapolis agency Peterson Milla Hooks. The group of 15-, 30- and 60-second spots, promoting C9 active-wear by Champion, consist of real-life vignettes of people passionately engaged in running, bike-riding, weight training, golf and other athletic activities. The visuals have an evocative, poetic sense in support of the tagline, “Life Well Worn.”
It’s the latest in a series of emotionally-rooted work that Gleie has produced for Target and PMH over the past several years. “The agency came to us with great visuals that triggered the whole feel,” observes Gleie. “The campaign is about letting go. It shows people doing their best and inspiring others to do the same. It shows people enjoying life.”
"Branding doesn’t have to be hard sell,” Gleie adds. “It can be handled delicately. It can be an invitation. In this instance, Target and Champion join together to celebrate life, and we are inviting people who share a similar view toward sports and life. There is no hidden agenda.”

Titles: Anthem, Sustain
Client: Target
Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks, Minneapolis. Dave Peterson, president; Nick Fecteau, art director; Courtney Vincent, writer; Heather Johnson, account director; Sean Healey, producer.
Production: Madheart, Los Angeles. Jan Gleie, director; Lisa Phillips, executive producer; Joan Sullivan, business manager.