Honda - The Experiment

The Experiment is a new HTML5 game that pushes the boundaries of browser based gaming. Using physics principles and played The Experiment challenges players to create a chain reaction by placing a set of pop-up windows in sequence. Each video window contains an object that interacts with those around it to create hundreds of possibilities and combinations. At the end of six levels users get the opportunity to create their own chains then challenge their friends.

Agency- Wieden + Kennedy, London (
Creatives: Lisa Jelliffe, Kirsten Rutherford
Producer: Dominic Tunon
Creative Directors: Chris Groom, Sam Heath
Interactive Creative Directors: Gavin Gordon-Rogers, Andy Cameron
Designer: Chris Welsby
Creative Technologist: Mike Tucker
Executive Creative Directors: Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth
Production: B-Reel

W+K collaborated with B-Reel on the project, the production company behind the ground-breaking Wilderness Downtown launch for Arcade Fire.