Infographic - Social Media Interactions Drive Holiday Purchases

Santa may have his elves, but with just two more weeks left for holiday shopping, it appears that the real last-minute holiday helper this year is social media. Social media users are more influential, spend more on holiday gifts and are more likely to recommend a holiday gift than non-users, according to new findings from social media and marketing agency Mr Youth.

Sixty-six percent of social media users made a holiday purchase as a direct result of social media interactions with brands or friends and family. Additionally, 65% of users’ recommendations led to a purchase, with recommendations of social media users twice as likely to lead to a holiday gift purchase.

Surprisingly, while 80% of users who receive a response to their post will make a purchase as a result of the interaction from a brand, brands are only responding to half of their page posts. It’s clear that marketers who truly understand social media will experience higher levels of trust and consumers who will purchase their products.