Toyota Yaris Social Snap Shot

The latest work from glue Isobar for Toyota Yaris which is being launched today.

It's called the 'Social Snap Shot' and you can find it here: It is a smarter, faster way to get the best bits of Facebook delivered in a quick and personalised video.

This smart little tool is for people with busy lives helping them stay in touch with the latest and most relevant Facebook news. After selecting friends you are most interested in, the application sends a handy animated summary of the most recent, liked and commented on Facebook content - echoing the 'Outsmart Life' theme in the rest of the Yaris campaign.

Advertised brand: Toyota
Advert title(s): Yaris Social Snap Shot
Headline and copy text (in English): So many friends, so little time. Get straight to the essential status updates, invites and photos with our super smart social snap shot.

Client: Toyota GB - Lisa Fielden / Jemma Shaw
Advertising Agency: glue Isobar
Agency website:
Art Director: Adam King
Design Director: Matt Verity
Copywriter: Lewis Raven
Designer: Adam Bright
Developers: Damian Mitchell
Senior Producer: Alex Birch
Producer: Abs Hassan
Developers: Damian Mitchell / Rob Gibo / Jens Meijer
Front end developers: Jonathan Croughton / Gemma Leigh
Account Management: Blake Cuthbert / Alex Jena
Planners: Katie White / Martin Buckley