Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest Finalist "Bird of Prey"

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My name is Joby Harris and I made a commercial for $500 that was chosen by Doritos out of 6100 entries to be a top five finalist in the Crash the Super Bowl contest.
Doritos gave me $25,000 dollars and a trip to the Super Bowl where I'll be hanging out in a private booth with Andy Samberg and the boys from The Lonely Island.
But now it comes down to votes. If my commercial "Bird of Prey" gets the most votes from now until January 29th, then it will be shown DURING the Super Bowl.
If that happens, then my dreams of directing commercials will launch as I will co-create another commercial with the Lonely Island and also have a chance to win 1 million dollars.
In addition to the contest web site below, here is our web site where people can find out more and also vote-