'My Own Epitaph' - Book 'Tranches de mort'

Franck Vinchon has developed a way to experience his book ‘Tranches de mort’ (Société des Ecrivains) on the Internet. He has launched a ground-breaking application on Facebook to allow people to understand what guided him during the writing of his unexpected book.

‘Tranches de mort’ has taken a unique approach to death, following some iconic characters whose stories explain that death is not just an accident but the fair result of everything you experience in your life. From that belief sprung the Facebook app ‘My Own Epitaph’, which generates words written on your gravestone, using information from your Facebook profile, making use of all those slices of life that you placed on the social network. The result - some crazy and cynical epitaphs that display the provocative and entertaining style of the book.

You can experience it now by following the link http://www.my-own-epitaph.com/ (application in French and in English). What will be written on your gravestone?

Advertising Agency: SLAVA, Moscow, Russia
Copywriters : Franck Vinchon, Viktor Sokolov (SLAVA Moscow), John Mark Fitzpatrick (SLAVA Moscow)
Art Director: Denis Lapshinov (SLAVA Moscow)
Production Director: Demjan Petrov (Zero Agency Moscow)
Photographer: Max Morev


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