Taxi became a new Battlefield 1 vehicle

The buzz in Moscow today is not about US elections. The reason is a new Battlefield promo.
Game world is now discussing the most expected EA shooter release, dreaming about the great squad assembling and taking part in the most hard fought battles of the World War I.

Electonic Arts in collaboration with Yandex.Taxi servise and help of creative digital agency WNM.Digital produced an outstanding project (promo campaign) for Battlefield 1 in Russia.

All “Battlefield” equipment was installed in 10 Ford Galaxy cars, which were reconstructed into special “gamecars”.

Take a look, how all these happened.

Large screen monitor, a subdued lighting, powerful acoustics with subwoofer in trunk and a gamepad — taxi interior turned into snug and groovy show-room with an awesome game-space.

“Battletaxi” randomly take orders and are an absolute jack-pot for taxi users.

BattleTaxi passed the strength test by popular bloger Anton Logvinov:

Who knows, maybe you’re planning to visit Moscow the nearest weekend. If so, don’t forget to get Yandex. Taxi and the fortune will definetely smile upon you.


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