A Glass of Sicily

You probably already know how to open a bottle and drink a glass of wine… But do you know how to drink a glass OF Sicily? The video is an emotional handbook, which uses suggestive metaphors how to drink a glass of Sicily in 7 easy steps: an explanation of every step that prelude the proper tasting, enchantingly alternating shapes and chromatism, scents and tastes, sounds and sensations.

Brand: Tasca D’Almerita
Advertising Agency: Mosaicoon
Art Director: Juan Serrano Ortiz, Manuela Di Pisa
Copywriter: Nicolas Bartleby
Client Director: Pietro Sorce
Agency Producer: Spela Marincic  
Production Assistant: Elisa Viola
Head of Seeding: Marco Imperato
Seeders on project: Alba Caponetto, Gabriella Trapani
Sound Director: Francesco Di Marco
Music composed by: Giampiero Riggio

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