Aids Awareness

“Don’t count on luck. protect yourself.”

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12 thoughts on “Aids Awareness

  1. i think this is a very good campaign as it goes on abot the desase and it will probally stop alot of kids from not wearing protection

  2. I think this is a really good campaign , im 15 years old, and im not thinking this like its porn. its really good that everyone can reada about this, becuse everyone can get and have a deases..
    / from a tenage girl..

  3. Nhlanhla posted on Oct 8, 2008 8:43

    “The should warning for under 18’s because these is porn”

    Yes, censor them because people under 18 don’t have sex… ever, do they?


  4. I think this is a ridiculous way to campaign against aids. I actually like the pictures themsleves but to a younger audience it just makes sex seem beautifal and glamorous – and lets be honest the main way in which aids is transmitted is through sexual activity. I think abstinence should be encouraged in the media as a smart 21st century choice considering the real risks that are involved. Condoms are not 100% effective, not having sex is, fact.

    As a statement in an art gallery (where peole have time to think about it) I love it. But to reach the masses no – most ppl going about there daily lives just glance at something long enough to get the general gist.. no one will see the 4 leaf clover and it becomes just another media image glamourizing sex.

  5. The purpose of this was lost on me because of the pictures. I apologize, but I think it is the wrong way… Who is being targeted? I am an 18 year old girl, and I can’t vouche for all teens my age, but I think this will be lost on most of us.

  6. i think it’s amazing. at 1st i was like WOAH tad bit graffic. but then i started to look at them with an more open mind and realized the concept. itz cleaver. it basically says you can’t just hope not to get AIDS. u must protect yourself. i go to a catholic school so i can’t show them around. but if i could i would. these photos go stright to the point. without any disgust. i’m really touched.

  7. I thing, this not the way of compaign, if we follow the Quran and Sunna we will be able to protect himslef from all the deaseses.

  8. To me, images is the wrong way, and it cannot change a man’s thinking but throws him off into a different direction, like he knows someone has aids he begins to build a wall around himself, hating those people.

    I think the message can only be heard through clever beautiful words that will hit the heart, perhaps be spoken by a beautiful man, that is whom the people love and would listen to and respect, and he must be persuaded as a mission to preach.

  9. I think this is a really clever advertising campaign, which gets straight to the point.
    It may offend or shock some people, but I think the shock tactic gets the message across.

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