Amnesty International, Shine A Light

This film was created to open Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary conference in March of 2011 and was executed pro bono by the Betterment Bureau, a charitable division of
Loyalkaspar, Inc.

Betterment Bureau Collaborators:
Dave Abel
Valere Amirault
Beat Baudenbacher
Rasmus Bille Bahncke (Hess Is More)
Christian Bork
Elliott Chaffer
Zephyr Chaffer
Dennis Cheung
Jean Delaunay
Daniel Dörnemann
Chris Foster
Mikkel Hess (Hess Is More)
Scott Lakso
Sébastien Larreur
Gavin Little (Echolab)
Josh Lynne
Anjali Menon
Steve Renn
April Shah
Jym Snedeker
Emre Veryeri

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