Amnesty International – Campaign against sex trafficking

Amnesty International

Agency: Walker
Country: Switzerland
Category: Public awareness messages

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8 thoughts on “Amnesty International – Campaign against sex trafficking

  1. I believe this poster is wonderful and pointing the problem of sex-trafficing. This poster is telling a girl that “whatever beautiful this world (prostitution) seems, in the truth it is slavery”.
    Slavery exist not only dirty, disgusting place but the place it “seems” clean. In another words, however prostitutes seems beatiful, gorgeous prostitutes are “prostitutes=slavery”.

    I support this poster.

  2. I don’t know what text, if any, accompanied this ad, but the image tells the viewer that prostitution is glamorous, playful and harmless – all lies that reflect badly on Amnesty International, the organization responsible for the ad. I doubt if Amnesty went for cute when it sought to rouse public indignation against imprisonment and torture of political prisoners, practices not dissimilar from those imposed on women, girls, and children enslaved in prostitution.

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  4. I’m not a fan of this ad. They make the girl in the picture seem to clean. In fact the whole image is too clean. Sex trafficking is a dirty business and it should be presented as so.

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