Amstel Experiments

Client: Amstel Pulse
Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Richard Bullock
Creative Director: Adam Chasnow
Art Director: Chris Landy
Copywriter: Lee Hempstock
Producer: Chayenne de Witte
Head of Production: Cedric Gairard
Business Director: Christian Stein
Account Executive: Anna Stewart
Business Affairs Manager: Kindra Schoemaker
Production Co.: Hungryman UK
Director: Roderick Fenske
Producer: Matt Jones
ONLINE Facility: Prime Focus London
H/Flame Artist: James Adamson
Producer: James Miller
Music/Sound Design Company: JSM Music, New York
Executive Producer: Joel Simon
Final Mix: JSM Music, New York

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2 thoughts on “Amstel Experiments

  1. Amstel Experiments

    Hello. Interesting, well done … But :
    In other words it’s better to drink beer (or others), that drop Acid!
    Fu.. Just imagine that in 1967 we could have made such a spot regarding LSD,
    Prefer to remain an old hippy, viet veteran, of whatever, than a beer drinker !
    Alcool kills !
    Acid / Mescaline lives !

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