Antwerp Zoo

Funny looking guerrilla for the Antwerp Zoo. Anyone can translate?

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24 thoughts on “Antwerp Zoo

  1. yes, the moderation is active due to the tons of spam we receive at AdverBox, and my lack of time made the rest :-)

    I preferred to publish them all. I’ll have to make a mashup of them, some day!

  2. I wonder if people actually read each others comments. Seeing as 95% of comments contained exactly the same information (the correct translation of the copy), it seems they don’t.

  3. Really nice idea, also found some beautiful images on the web from there. By the way, this is Dutch and means something like “HERE IN THE CITY THE ZOO AWAITS FOR YOU” (adapted from Google online translator), or was that a rhetorical question? =]

  4. Well, I’m not speeking nederlands, but my mother language german is not so different.
    I think the claim goes like “The zoo is waiting for you in the city”

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