Audi – The TT Movement

Inspired by the next generation Audi TT high performance sports car, The One Centre has launched its new TT Movement with the unveiling of a visually stunning digital artwork created by internationally renowned multi-disciplinary studio Universal Everything in conjunction with The One centre. The new artwork can currently be seen at and incorporates a sculpture developed by highly awarded designer, Simon Hong, a Creative Director at the Sydney-based branding agency. The sculpture exists both virtually and in reality and will act as the unifying symbol for the TT Movement, which culminates in a one-night-only event combining art, technology, and performance – the characteristics of the new Audi TT – at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art this month. Some of the other artists featuring in the exhibition will include Japanese video artist and musician, Takagi Masakatsu, emerging Melbourne tape artist, Buff Diss, and local electronic supremo Sameer Sengupta (Poxymusic). The winner of the 2007 Audi Art Prize will also be announced.

audi tt movement

audi tt movement

Agency: The One Centre
Creative Directors: Phil Shearer and Simon Hong
Digital Artwork Design & Production:
Universal Everything – Matt Pyke & Karsten Schmidt
The One Centre – Simon Hong & Michael Boston
Sound Design: Sameer Sengupta
Agency Producer: Chris Goffin

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