Nice campaign for Bisley, Quality Office Furniture
I love the underground one!

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15 thoughts on “Bisley

  1. last one is wrong … the figures on the ball dont match the ones on the right .. the ball is being deconstructed as if it was 3D makin it different from the other ones.. is it ?.. i dunno .. im high as a kite!

  2. Clever. Nice deconstruction. But a real conceptial leap I think from this to understanding it as a metaphor for component-based modular furniture.

  3. clever.

    my guess would be that they sell filing cabinets, drawers, or something else similar.

    they can even extend this idea in to video ads, wherein some object is broken down in to modules through some slick animation.

    seriously, this idea can be as adaptable as those Absolut ads.

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