Cancer and Allergy awareness

Nice type ads for the Cancer and Allergy fund of Finland, made by Grey Stocholm.

cancer and allergy

cancer and allergy

cancer and allergy

cancer and allergy

cancer and allergy

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8 thoughts on “Cancer and Allergy awareness

  1. Last time I checked, Stimorol was a chewing gum and not a tooth paste. It’s Stomatol, Goose. :-)

    I’m not sure about this campaign though. Nice thought, but sooo wrong.

  2. This is very much in Sweden. Stockholm actually.
    Last picture is of “Slussen” (litterary translated: The Floodgate”). On a side-note, in the last picture, on top of the house just right of the comercial, you can see the oldest still working neon light in Sweden. It’s a “Stimorol” tooth paste tube.

    @Houtlust, Kungsholmen is a part of Stockholm. Not a city itself.

  3. Hi
    I think it must be in Sweden. The city of Kungsholmen named in the second ad is in Sweden.
    Google don’t make this clear but gives indirect hits to Sweden.
    Well never mind, who cares. :-)

  4. how can a false statement like this one even get to print??
    “…people WILL get…”

    No they wont! The statistics are valid, since you dont specify the sample. 3 out of 9 persons will get cancer. That is the real statistic. Not that 3 of the people involved in the advertising campaing WILL DEFINITELY get cancer.

    I get the idea behind it, i just think some people wont take it serious since its such a false statement to begin with.

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