Canon “Parade”

Canon “Parade” serves as a trailer to promote director Ron Howard’s “Project Imagin8ion,” which features a fantastical city landscape filled with astronauts, floating firefighters and a diamond-skinned dog to name a few unusual sights.

Director: Dante Ariola

Agency: Grey NY
Producer: Lauren Tuttman

Ari Halper – SVP Creative Director
Steve Krauss – SVP Creative Director
Stu Mair – Associate Creative Director
Eric King – Associate Creative Director
Elinor Buchler – Art Director
Kent Koren –Copywriter
DOP – Christopher Soos

Prod Co: MJZ
Producer: Natalie Hill
Editing co: Peepshow Editorial
Editor: Andrea MacArthur

Post Production: Method Studios
Sr. Creative Director – Dan Glass
Sr. Executive Producer – Gabby Gourier

Visual FX Supervisor – Phil Brennan
CG Supervisor – Jason Schugardt

Producer – Darcie Muangman
Coordinator – Anastasia Von Rahl

Lead Compositor – Tim Davies
Jonathan Lagache
Jeff Allen
Caitlin Content

Masa Narita
Lim Bunupuradah
Alex Whang
Toshihiro Sakamaki

Texture Artists:
Brian Ripley
Josh Frontino
Ryan Reeb

Rick Grandy
George Saavedra

Fabio Zapata
Lauren Van Houten
Tom Stanton

Steward Burris
Alex Cannon
Les Major
Jonah Austin

David Lo
Alex Lee
Kris Cabrera
David Chan
David Godwin

Brett Angelillis
Hiro Okubo

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