Coebergh Red Fruit Farm

Coebergh, the leading women’s liquor in the Netherlands, launches a big online project within its Red Fruit Farm communication platform.

The concept: demand for Coebergh is so high that the Red Fruit Farm needs your help! Plant your very own red fruit tree at the Farm and make sure your male workers take good take care of it. The game consists of several days during which players have to deal with a beetle plague and use a peculiar berry press to name but a few. Gameplay is 100% customizable and players get three men at their disposal. The prize: a huge harvesting party for you and 100 friends!


The concept was developed by Amsterdam agency New Message, production was executed together with belgian agency The Parking Lot and Pyramid Consulting. Client: Lucas Bols/Maxxium (Rudy Stol and Christine Pannenborg).

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Coebergh Red Fruit Farm, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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