De Lijn bus company

For De Lijn (the public transport company in Flanders), the folks at Duval Guillaume replaced the traditional business cards of its employees by personalized bus tickets. Everyone received real bus tickets containing their name and personal coordinates.

The line on each business card/bus ticket read: “With this card you can always reach me.”

Client: VVM De Lijn
Agency: Duval Guillaume
Creative Director: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe
Creation: Tom Theys
Copywriter: Hans/Raoul
Typography: Stoffel Van den Bergh

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3 thoughts on “De Lijn bus company

  1. De Lijn bus company
    Hello. Interesting idea most certainly but already used, one could say. About ten years ago, a famous University in Paris, acquired a huge amount of FF 5.- coins (we were not yet under Euro), and stuck on each coin, a sticker with various messages (their school coordinates, publicities etc …). But ok it’s good but n o t a new concept.

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