Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

Advertised brand: Ford Motor Company
Advert title(s): Rearview campaign (Rearview-Kitten, Rearview-Turtoise and Rearview-Tricycle)
Translation of headline to English: Ford Expedition with rearview camera
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): JWT Mexico
Creative Director: Manuel Techera / Ignacio Zuccarino / Esteban Sacco / Enrique Codesido
Art Director: Manuel Techera / Esteban Sacco
Copywriter: Ignacio Zuccarino / Enrique Codesido
Photographer: Yann Le Pape
Other additional credits:
Production house: Breathe
Producer: Lourdes Milano
Account Director: Ademir Márquez /
Agency producer: Gilberto Amezquita / Mayra Brito
Client responsible: Juan Antonio Garcia

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