Foundation for Stray Dogs

stray dogs

stray dogs

Agency: Batey Redcell, Thailand
Creative Director : Piseth Karnjanapokin, Krittika Sukpotharom
Artdirector :Teeravit Kimsatra
Copywriter : Krittika Sukpotharom
Photographer : Mujahidine
Retoucher : Chillhouse

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3 thoughts on “Foundation for Stray Dogs

  1. The copy is a bit clunky. Maybe a bit tighter. Six or seven words. I like the imagery. It reminds me of the packs of strays one might see in Italy.

  2. I hate to break this news, but I think the English might be wrong.

    “Food they eat all day is not even equal to your left overs” is the proper way to say it.

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