Ilta-Sanomat – The way it was meant to be

Client: Ilta-Sanomat
Agency: hasan & partners, Finland
Art Director : Mikael Nemeschansky
Copywriter: Anssi Järvinen
Creative Director: Eka Ruola
Director: Magnus Renfors / Hobbyfilm, Sweden
Producer: Christian Rehnfors / Hobbyfilm, Sweden
DoP: Kjell Lagerroos
Set Designer: Wilda Wiholm
Stylist; Anna Grenås
Post Production: Stopp
Vfx supervisor: Johan Boije
Sound Designer: Edward Björner/ Stopp
Music Supervisor: Macke Bergqvist/ Music Super Circus
Composer: David Engellau

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Rating: 4.3/5 (4 votes cast)
Ilta-Sanomat - The way it was meant to be, 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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2 thoughts on “Ilta-Sanomat – The way it was meant to be

  1. That is great art direction and cinematography. Not so much a powerful idea but the production compensates entirely. I really don’t see the 1984 here but if that would be the case post-modernism is what it’s called.

  2. A nice video job certainly. Like it, but seems to me / for me, a sort of copy of 1984 Orwell.
    Seems that we are all missing some imagination, and dipping into our classics !

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