Lazer Sharp Hooks

lazer sharp hooks

lazer sharp hooks

lazer sharp hooks

In-store poster campaign for Eagle Claw’s Lazer Sharp hooks comes from the stance that these hooks are the sharpest in the world. The hooks are designed to be as strong and as snag free as possible. So if they cut through the water without snagging, even when printed, what would stop them?

The three different executions come from three very common baits that are used by fishermen; a diving crankbait, popper lure (top-water) and a husky jerk. The posters were die-cut the same way each one of these lures move through the water to mimic different prey for different types of fish. For example, the husky jerk wiggles sharply to impersonate a wounded fish­easy
prey for a hungry walleye.

The credits:
Agency/ Blattner Brunner
CD/ Jay Giesen, Dave Kwasnick
AD/ Brandon Knowlden, Derek Julin
Photographer/ Tom Gigliotti
Retoucher/ Dwight Pritchett

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