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legend condoms

legend condoms

legend condoms

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18 thoughts on “Legend Condoms

  1. hahahahah …..I tell you …yesterday, when my three year old twins broke into my bedroom and poured nailpolish all over the PS3, right after they jammed two rented blu-rays into it’s poor little slot…I remembered picture number three and I laughed my ass off….my kids were very grateful to you..

  2. This was wonderful to stumble across. And the many replies both for and against were just as entertaining to read as seeing the ad images themselves. Jaw dropped and laughing, I enjoyed it. As for the purpose of the ad, I have children of my own and love them dearly. But that didn’t prevent me from appreciating the message. I fully agree that the ad focuses on those who use condoms more for pregnancy prevention than STD’s. Bravo, the ad is supremely catching and all the feedback, both negative & positive, is half the experience.

  3. I think the ad is great, its straight to the point about condom use. If you think about it, people who use condoms are mostly afraid of having unwanted pregnancies more then STD’s and this is fully aimed at that audience. Though I do understand how it can be offensive to some people how it looks like its suffocating children etc but still at the end of the day its not like a real child is being killed due to condom use so people who see this ad as a negative should really just look beyond the picture and take in the message.

  4. A very good and different idea. Well executed. To the point and a great visual. Most condom ads depict a couple in bed, people on the beach, yeah that is great and all but this definetly takes a different approach. It is funny and witty. Good work!

  5. i like it.
    its a graphic reminder that pregnancy occurs, not just a late period, and babies grow up into demanding people, not just cute little bundles that simply deprive you of sleep.

    it does jarr a bit, but i would have to disagree with the comment by benoit that states;

    ‘it shows that with a condom you kill a child so it’s horrible to use it’

    perhaps if they inhale one, but other than that, it simply prevents the two haploid cells from merging into the possibility of a child.
    the same as if you didn’t have sex at all.
    in the case of birth control, its akin to abstinence, except that abstinence is the only risk free option.

    creepy but very good add.

  6. I think it’s an awesome idea…. having kids sucks.
    besides, have you ever tried pushing one of those damn things out of your sex hole?

  7. OMG calm down ppl, I think this ad is hilarious. Do you know how much fun those kid models probably had doing that. Also all you anti-abortion ppl where does it stop? condoms are do not kill children if you use that logic you could say the girl that turned me down at the bar last weekend was a child killer cause I was going to get freaky with her. Loosen up, use your mind once and a while and religion is like communisum; it only works in theory.

  8. Love it! Shows the horrors that rubbers prevent along with disease, then too, the horrors are a sort of disease if you think about it…

  9. Spooky.
    I think there could have been a better solution for showing how condems prevent unwanted pregnacies. These left me with a very uneasy feeling.

  10. It’s quite disgusting, i think it’s a bad campaign because it shows that with a condom you kill a child so it’s horrible to use it.
    The message is not in the good way.

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