Blattner Brunner

CD: Jay Giesen, Dave Kwasnick
AD, CW: Derek Julin
Photographer: Tom Cwenar

Click to enlarge. Also see the Cannes 2006 winner Lego ad

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Lego, 3.5 out of 5 based on 24 ratings
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23 thoughts on “Lego

  1. i just happened to come across this website surching advertiments!!!Lego is my fav creative toy and looking at these its hard not to say ” imaganation is the limmit!!”(the famous lego catchfrase) i’ve loved it since i was 5 and still love it now

    long live lego!!!!!

  2. Apart from the top ad, which i found rather offensive (do we want our kids to be thinking “tanks” when they see Lego???), it’s very apt…

    lego has always encouraged our imagination. but please, let’s have a bit more of Lennon’s “Imagine”, and a bit less of the “let’s imagine this toy can kill people”…

  3. Muy buena la campaña, lástima que hayan escogido como imagen un tanque de guerra… habiendo tantas alternativas, como un árbol por ejemplo….

  4. It’s funny that Lego would suddenly push the simplistic aspect of their product, since they’ve been steadily overcomplicating things with crazed pre-assembled kits for years and years.

    Still, it’s good to see them get back to basics. Nothing better than a big drum of loose, assorted Lego pieces and a child’s imagination.

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  6. I know this post is getting old, but I hope to rectify something here. These ads ARE NOT from FCB, they are from Blattner Brunner, and were done before the Cannes work.

    Credits are are as follows:

    CD/ Jay Giesen, Dave Kwasnick
    AD, CW/ Derek Julin
    Photographer/ Tom Cwenar

    For any non-believers, check it out – I work with Derek and this was the original concept. I coded this website when we were in college less than a year ago. Check out the advertising section, second row, third and fourth tabs. These are the rough ideas before they were assembled


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