Nike Film Series Leads Up to Football World Cup

To promote the 2006 Football (soccer) World Cup, Nike has launched a campaign called Play Beautiful (Joga Bonito, in portuguese) which consists of eight serialized videos, the first showing a ficticious cause group, headed by real-life, legendary footballer Eric Cantona, taking over a television station to deliver the group’s message of encouragement.

Nike’s challenge is to fight against violence, racism and bad football games.

Future videos will also feature Cantona along with other current footballers. The video was produced by Wieden & Kennedy and F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, who handle work for Nike in Brazil, created the site with strategy support by Live Ad.

Check out the videos here (website do not active anymore)

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7 thoughts on “Nike Film Series Leads Up to Football World Cup

  1. I actually received the same press release by email the other day.

    I decided not to post them, becuase of the typical brazilan content. Too predictable imo. Yeah yeah, brazilians play the most “beautifiul” soccer etc etc. Just wait until the dutch beat them ;)

  2. Hey Steve, you’re right, I’ve received a press release from the Buzz Agency that is developing the website and published it as-is (that was just some hard cut’n’paste job :-)

  3. I think I owe you an apology. It looks like the info you received was actually lifted from me (I received an email with this verbiage after I had written my post). Or else, there’s a person working for a seeding firm that writes just like me:-) No matter, I apologize.

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