Okyanus Bosphorus Ferries

Direct marketing for Okyanus Bosphorus Ferries; 2.60 mt. long sliding panoramic view of the Bosphorus.
When the view is slided out of the box, the ferry in the foreground acts like it is cruising in the Bosphorus.

bosphorus ferries

Agency: ÇÖZÜM, Istanbul
AD/CW: Burcu Gurler, Tugrul Mengi
Strategy: Can Aksuyek
Photographer: Suat Eman

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4 thoughts on “Okyanus Bosphorus Ferries

  1. Thats a great idea it seems it could work for several different products, cars, yachts, public transportation. But one you pull it out I guess you have to roll it all in, thats a bummer if you want to show your coworkers right?

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