Oxfam – YouTube Cannes Young Lions Ad Contest #4 – The Definitive


This post will be updated with all upcoming submissions from creatives participating to the Youtube 24h ad contest, so stay tuned, submit your stuff and follow the comments with new commercials for Oxfam.

World’s Longest Petition – Jesper Jacobsen (added May 27th @ 21.07)

We Can – Mariana Dios-Tan (added May 26th @ 22.38)

Monkey – Fernando Brandt (added May 25th @ 21.11)

Climate Bear – Sven Friedrich (added May 25th @ 21.10)

Sašo Petek (added May 25th @ 21.10)

VULCAN fan girls – Bianca Fernandez (added May 25th @ 18.58)

oxfam ad its getting hot in here – Taryn Scher (added May 25th @ 18.57)

The Pinata – Stephanie Mung (added May 25th @ 18.57)

Tim The Climate Change Duck – aaron odedra (added May 24th @ 21.05)

What Did You Do Today? – Jason Baum (added May 24th @ 19.02)

An Inconvenient Poop – Lauren Smith and Brian Farkas of RPA

Lets prepare- there will be hot! – Raimonds Platacis

Global Warning – Ozan Ertürk

Male Restroom Etiquette – Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares

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Oxfam - YouTube Cannes Young Lions Ad Contest #4 - The Definitive, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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6 thoughts on “Oxfam – YouTube Cannes Young Lions Ad Contest #4 – The Definitive

  1. The Cannes Young Lions 48 Hour Ad Contest is running. The challenge asked for the realization of a viral spot for an oxfam sign-in-petition focussing on climate change and to publish the finished viral spot on YouTube. Now the participants need to make their ideas go viral.

  2. That cool! Congratulations! I made a video that is running on YouTube to go to Cannes: Oxfam – We Can

  3. Oxfam – YouTube Cannes Young Lions Ad Contest #4 – The Definitive


    Hello. On the whole and after looking at the above 4 videos, agree that some ideas are interesting, even funny, taking into consideration that the matter is urgent. Not bad …


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