Paint with a Tweet

Every medium has its master. Molson M commissioned celebrated international artist Kustaa Saksi to create a mural in his signature modern psychedelic, radiant style that will unfold with every tweet to #MolsonM_Art. The mural will come to life on a giant scale on a large wall in Toronto. The ultimate goal: a beautiful artwork that will include up to 20,000 Twitter handles for the public to enjoy, and a matching $1 donation for each tweet, up to $20,000 to the Canadian Art Foundation for the advancement of art in Canada.

Title: Paint with a Tweet
Client: Molson M

Molson M Brand Team:
VP, Marketing : Jennifer Davidson
Senior Director, Marketing: David Bigioni
Senior Brand Manager : Martine Bouthillier
Brand Manger: Sonia Palazzo

BBDO Team:
Vice-President, Associate Creative Directors: Deborah Prenger, Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
Senior Vice-President, Managing Director: Lezlie Grossman
Vice-President, Group Account Director: Lorri MacDonald
Account Supervisor: Gavin Wiggins
Account Executive: Jade Brent
Director of Print Production: Kathie Hintsa
Vice-President, Social Strategy: David Jones
Digital Strategist: Nicole Polivka
Senior Vice President, Director of Account Planning: Edward Caffyn
Artist: Kustaa Saski
Media Company: MEC Montréal

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